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  • 10 Last-Minute Vegan Thanksgiving Ideas
    10 Last-Minute Vegan Thanksgiving Ideas
    (Note: I originally published this post this time last year and thought it might be helpful once again! Hope you enjoy an amazing vegan Thanksgiving! –Patrick) Still looking for that amazing side dish to impress the in-laws? Want an awesome...

Health & Fitness

  • My Journey to IRONMAN on a Plant-Based Diet
    My Journey to IRONMAN on a Plant-Based Diet
    How I trained for and successfully completed my first full IRONMAN on a plant-based diet and some life lessons learned along the way. What’s Your Why? I filled out the online form, checking several times to make sure all of...


  • Grateful Grahams
    Grateful Grahams
    Grateful Grahams are simply perfect. If you’re thinking this is just another graham cracker, go out and buy a bag and see for yourself why they put the typical graham cracker to shame. They are all natural, all vegan, and...

Books & Films

  • Forks Over Knives
    Forks Over Knives
    I love food. I love to talk about it, I love shopping for it, I love to make it, I really love to eat it. This did not always make for a very healthy lifestyle for me, but I’ve made...


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