La Terza Coffee

La Terza Coffee

I derive a great deal of pleasure from a really good cup of coffee. In fact, wherever I travel I make it a point to seek out local coffee establishments in search of something unique and satisfying. I made one such discovery about a year ago, and I didn’t have to travel very far to find  it. We are fortunate to have an amazing local coffee roaster right here in Cincinnati. La Terza Artisan Coffee Roasterie operates in the eclectic neighborhood of Northside and primarily sells wholesale, but their coffee is served at great coffee houses all over town. You can also purchase their whole-bean coffee at Whole Foods and at local farmer’s markets during the season.

La Terza in Italian means “The Third”. There are a lot of thirds that reflect the values of this company. We believe that 3rd places play an important role in our communities and must be preserved. We believe that producers in 3rd world nations must be rewarded fairly for their labor and their commitment to quality. –La Terza Artisan Coffee Roasterie

I like my coffee to be bold, fragrant, and full of life and La Terza delivers. Their Hyde Park2 roast (a play on a local neighborhood gathering place – Hyde Park Square) hits the mark. They describe it as intense, dark, and full-bodied, and I agree. The brew is plenty aromatic with rich, lingering chocolate notes. The deep, dark brown color of this longer roast enhances it’s bold, acidic flavor without it tasting over-roasted or burnt.

La Terza has been my go-to coffee for some time now, and in my opinion is the best offering in town. Stop by a local shop that serves their amazing coffee or order a pound or two today and see for yourself why La Terza is the best coffee in the city.

Where do you find your favorite cup of coffee? Share your coffee thoughts in the comments below!

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